AdPoint Advanced Advertising Platform

The AdPoint® Advanced Advertising Platform, places ads within video on-demand content as well as manages services needed for long-form VOD, interactive, and telescoping ads.
It provides dynamic targeted advertising across major VOD products and infrastructures deployed today. Comprehensive ad targeting capabilities improves your workflow for buying, selling, trafficking, and executing ads with dynamic high-performance ad decisions. AdPoint provides key functions to manage and maximize on-demand advertising opportunities across video delivery systems – today and into the future.
Product Description
Delivering the right message at the right time is an increasingly important challenge in the new non-linear, multi-platform television world. Technologies such as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Video On-Demand (VOD), and platforms like web, IPTV, and mobile have created opportunities that extend the television business model outside the boundaries of traditional advertising into new areas of growth.

The AdPoint Advanced Advertising Platform is the solution for delivering on-demand advertising for video across multiple platforms in the non-linear television world.

AdPoint manages the next-generation of video advertising technologies, including VOD ad placements and highly targeted ad systems. AdPoint addresses the diverse needs of advertisers and marketers by providing innovative tools for the production, management, and placement of advertising and marketing content across various platforms. AdPoint helps advertisers move beyond the 30-second spot to deliver TV advertising on-demand and targeted to consumers, without the limitations of traditional TV media placement.

AdPoint builds on Ericsson’s industry-leading expertise in content production, management, and distribution and applies that knowledge to the entire advertising value chain – addressing the needs of advertisers, programmers, and service providers. AdPoint is compatible with all major VOD streaming servers and is built on an open, flexible architecture supporting popular industry interfaces for integration of applications and devices.

AdPoint provides key functions necessary to run today’s business while laying the foundation for more complex advertising units, placements, and targeting as the market evolves.
– Increase revenues through new and innovative advertising products

– Monetize advertising opportunities in on-demand offerings

– Deploy advertising capabilities that leverage existing VOD infrastructures

– Improve workflow for buying/selling, trafficking and execution of ads

– Explore new partnership opportunities between advertisers, networks, content providers and service providers

– Secure inventory in content that may otherwise be unavailable in traditional linear markets

– Targeted local ad inventory opportunities for service providers, and targeted national ad inventory opportunities for content providers

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