Content Management

Today we are witnessing rapid and dramatic infrastructure changes in the digital television market. At Ericsson, we’ve tapped into our proven, industry-leading expertise to offer a suite of next-generation content, workflow and asset management options defined by our customers’ challenges in this new age of personalized TV.

WatchPoint Content Management System (CMS)
The WatchPoint Content Management System (CMS) is the only enterprise-class, end-to-end, true multi-platform content management system that can effectively address
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WatchPoint Workflow System by Ericsson
A scalable workflow management system that automates the creation, management, and distribution of media assets to end-user platforms. The WFS
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Ericsson Asset Management System
Our Asset Management System enables network operators to receive content from multiple sources and verifies that the content meets requirements,
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Next Generation MediaPath SCDS by Ericsson
This platform delivers VOD and non-VOD content via DVB-S2 ; faster satellite delivery while also providing terrestrial delivery via a
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