Director by Ericsson

Delivering broadcast video content over networks requires the highest security against theft and unauthorized viewing. Our Director system offers control and authorization of receivers across multiple sites with maximum security.
Product Description
Director by Ericsson offers an advanced software-based system for Simulcrypt Conditional Access (CA) that controls and authorizes individual and banks of receivers across sites under maximum security.
In the contribution and distribution markets, where moving content to cable or terrestrial headends involves numerous receivers, Director allows targeting of specific receivers for authorization to view encrypted streams. Using DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm (CSA) embedded in the receiver, operators can avoid the cost and complexity involved in deploying and maintaining smart cards. Director updates both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) receivers using over-the-air downloads of the latest software code, without requiring site visits. This highly flexible system enables fully customized control of the entire receiver population allowing rapid deployment of new CA entitlements or new revenue generating services.
Director manages and controls Ericsson’s market leading receivers designed for high-quality contribution and distribution services, including the TT1220, TT1222, TT1260, TT1280, RX1290, and the latest RX8000 series and CTM12. Built for mission-critical, real-time SD and HD content delivery for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, Director’s GUI enables a single system view of the entire receiver population, allowing operators to make changes on-the-fly to protect and secure their video content.
– Valuable SD and HD content is protected end-to-end with a highly secure embedded Simulcrypt conditional access system with the need for smart cards
– The modular system allows customers to mix and match functionality giving more flexible and a more cost-effective software solution
– Over-air control of receivers and software download enables reduction in operational costs removes operators error and allows the broadcaster to stay in full control of their network

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