Edge QAMs

Cable operators are moving fast to enhance the customer entertainment experience with a new wave of services and more channels that require maximizing HFC bandwidth utilization. They are looking towards the next-generation of Edge QAMs to expedite deployment of these services, provide cost-efficiencies and plant management simplification.
Ericsson is breaking new ground delivering the next-generation Edge QAM that is based on open standards and incorporates Cablelabs DOCSIS 3.0 (including DRFI and M-CMTS) specifications.
The EQ8096 is a step-change in QAM devices and is designed to exceed the functionality, density and cost points required for all uses of a cable edge modulator. It has the unique ability to operate in Broadcast, VOD, Switched Digital Video (SDV) and High Speed Data (HSD) applications simultaneously within the same chassis.

Ericsson EQ8096 Universal EdgeQAM
The EQ8096 is a QAM devices designed for high functionality, density and cost points for required for all uses of
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