Embedder _ De-embedder

The Nevion Flashlink AV-HD-XMUX is a highly integrated audio embedding module in the Flashlink range offering simultaneous embedding and de-embedding of four AES3 stereo digital audio channels from a digital HD or SD serial digital video signal. In addition, it has SRC AES inputs, built-in audio matrix and processor, variable audio delay, RS-422 data embedding, GYDA enabled, and SNMP support.
The AV-HDXMUX is able to handle optical inputs between 1200-1620 nm, with sensitivities for SD and HD of -30dBm and -25 dBm, respectively. The optical output power is: 1310 nm (0/-7.5 dBm),1550 nm (0 dBm) or CWDM (0 dBm) laser. Also availability of 75 ohm backplane for unbalanced audio.

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