Ericsson Asset Management System

Our Asset Management System enables network operators to receive content from multiple sources and verifies that the content meets requirements, automatically correct errors, and stages and stores content until served to subscribers.
Product Description
For network operators offering on-demand services, managing the ever-increasing volume of digital content can be overwhelming. Our Asset Management System (AMS) provides the solution, allowing operators to effectively control the receipt of content from multiple independent sources. AMS streamlines and automates the process of receiving, validating, transforming, staging, storing, and propagating on-demand content, ensuring hassle-free operations and on-time delivery of services for subscribers.
With more channels and programming hours than ever before, network operators have discovered AMS is just what they need to streamline the once arduous taks of managing content.
Lowers operating costs with fully automated operations and processing

Allows for flexible package delivery through an open standards approach

Corrects metadata providing a high quality subscriber experience with user-defined rules Significantly reduces manual intervention for package processing tasks

Promotes timely content management – efficiently receive, verify, correct and store content from multiple sources

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