Ericsson EN8000 Series MPEG-4 SD Encoder

A market-leading encoding solution, the EN8030 provides optimum quality at the lowest possible bit-rates giving operators the bandwidth they need for premium video services.
Product Description
The EN8030 is Ericsson’s second-generation MPEG-4 AVC SD encoder. Building upon the proven operation and interoperabiliy of the award-winning EN5930, the EN8030 is the low risk deployment choice for any broadcast system.
Based on the latest generation of Intelligent Compression Engine, the EN8030 pushes encoding efficiency to new levels of excellence, providing the ultimate in best quality pictures at the lowest bit-rates. It also includes advanced audo coding optins to provide equally astounding low bit-rate audio performance. This product is ideally suited to applications with restricted bandwidth such as:
• TV over DSL
• New DTH operations
• VOD content authoring
• News gathering Benefits Provides low latency, simple set-up and operation, guaranteed output consistency and superior performance, making it ideal for easy operation of streaming services. Significantly increases the number of channels that can be transmitted over satellite or digital terrestrial networks using advanced coding techniques Reduces the cost of transmission by reducing the required transmission bandwidth

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