Ericsson EQ8096 Universal EdgeQAM

The EQ8096 is a QAM devices designed for high functionality, density and cost points for required for all uses of a cable edge modulator.
Product Description
Ericsson is breaking new ground delivering the next-generation Edge QAM that is based on open standards and incorporates Cablelabs DOCSIS 3.0 (including DRFI and M-CMTS) specifications. The EQ8096 is a step-change in QAM devices and is designed to exceed the functionality, density and cost points required for all uses of a cable edge modulator. It has the unique ability to operate in Broadcast, VOD, Switched Digital Video (SDV) and High Speed Data (HSD) applications simultaneously within the same chassis.
The EQ8096’s “pay as you grow” modular design supports up to 96QAM channels per chassis using eight 12QAM modulator cards; each RF output supports up to four adjacent QAMs to hit the sweet spot for QAM striping resiliency strategies.
The EQ8096 sets a new standard with designed-in redundancy on all inputs, hot-swap modulator cards, low power consumption and built-in options for scrambling/encryption and DTI. It is tailored for the new wave of multimedia applications to enable cable operators to take a leadership role.
Very low power usage per QAM (3.6 Watt/QAM, 350 Watt/Device)
– Save money on power, back-up power and cooling
High density and low weight
– Optimize limited rack space
– Pay only for what you need when you need it
Future proof
– Software upgrades allow the EQ8096 to keep pace with new standards

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