Ericsson MX5600 System Multiplexer

The MX5600 series multiplexers are suitable for mission critical broadcast applications including: Primary multiplexing in headends and contribution systems remultiplexing applications.
Product Description
The MX5600 series of multiplexers are suitable for mission critical broadcast applications including primary multiplexing in headends for DTH satellite, cable, terrestrial and contribution systems. Re-multiplexing applications in cable and terrestrial regional headends.
The powerful stream processing and Reflex™ Statistical Multiplexing make them the flexible heart of any MPEG-2 based broadcast system.
– The combination of Reflex Statistical Multiplexing, video bit-rate changing, opportunistic data and advanced multiplexing technology ensures maximum usage of available bit-rate
– A modular architecture with a wide range of available options ensures scalability and allows multiplexers to be tailored to the needs of individual customers
– MX5600 multiplexers are fully integrated with Ericsson’s industry leading system management applications which combine ease-of-use with advanced control and monitoring capabilties

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