Ericsson TT122X Series MPEG-2 SD IRD

The TT1222 Professional Receiver provides high quality reception and turn around of the most common forms of video transmission offering an unbeatable combination of functionality and value for money for an IRD.
Product Description
Digital television’s rapid expansion into a multi-channel environment creates new opportunities and challenges. To succeed in this new environment, operator’s need to move video and audio over a variety of networks with lower cost, more fully-featured and flexible equipment and that’s why we developed the Ericsson TT1222 Professional Receiver.
Equipped with QPSK or ASI interface, the TT1222 delivers broadcast quality video, ideal for regional cable headends. The receiver is capable of descrambling one service and delivering high quality video as composite or SDI.
An ASI output is available, helping the migration from analog to digital networks. The TT1222 can be used as a satellite receiver or for the monitoring of content delivery. As the receiver supports a wide range of scrambling systems, it is well suited to operate in a large number of different satellite distribution systems. The TT1222 can be utilized in a Director network management control system that enables the operator to control demodulation and decoding parameters over-air.
The TT1222 offers a high level of features and flexibility, and enables the operator to deploy this receiver in a configuration that exactly meets their needs. At the heart of the unit is the capability to descramble and decode broadcast quality video and audio supporting PAL, NTSC or SECAM video formats.
Remote over-air control enabled through the use of Director allowing full control of a large receiver population without the need for a local operator. For control over a LAN network, the receiver has an integrated Web interface and is fully integrated into nCompass Control and Monitoring

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