Ericsson Voyager II

Voyager II is Ericsson’s fifth generation DSNG and is the most flexible and scalable news gathering product on the market, reflecting Ericsson’s technology leadership and unique heritage in this segment.
Product Description
Voyager II excels in providing maximum flexibility, performance and interoperability while delivering the best return on investment to operators and service providers through the widest range of software upgradeable paths and expansions options.

Based on in-house technology, Voyager II is built upon a revolutionary modular chassis in a space-saving 1RU form factor with up to six hot swappable option slots. It supports a comprehensive range of processing options, including the multi-codec, multi-format “x-series” range of encoders. An integrated satellite modulator offers high order DVB-S/S2 modulation on both IF and L-Band outputs.

Voyager II features a fully functional front panel re-engineered bottom-up to meet the demand of the mobile environment, including ease of operations, quick menu access and effective monitoring. Overall it represents the most advanced DSNG unit on the market, offering broadcasters, operators and service providers the level of integration, flexibility and scalability necessary to future-proof any operational investment during today’s technology migration.
– Voyager II supports the CE-x*** (x-series) encoding option modules, a single multi-codec platform enabling the migration to the highest quality MPEG-4 AVC HD 4:2:2 10-bit, while maintaining compatibility with legacy MPEG-2 networks

Efficient use of spectrum
Voyager II delivers compression and transmission efficiencies that allow:
– Over 30 percent bandwidth savings compared to MPEG-2 Video at contribution rates
– Support for DVB-S2 higher order modulation on both IF and L-Band outputs, guaranteeing over 30 percent bandwidth savings compared to DVB-2
– The ability to best utilize a wide variety of links such as fiber, satellite, microwave, etc.

Scalable, expandable and re-purposable
All option modules in Voyager II are hot swappable to allow:
– Expansion of the unit functionality
– Easy re-purposing of units for multiple applications
– On-site servicing of all options, including the confidence monitor

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