iPlex Video Processing Platform by Ericsson

iPlex is a high-density, high-performance video processing platform designed for IPTV, telco and broadband operators. Perfect for cable and satellite operators looking to augment their service delivery using IPTV infrastructure.
Product Description
The iPlex™ is a high density, multi-functional, high performance IPTV video processing platform. It is designed for the unique requirements of telco operators, and is also suitable for cable and satellite operators looking to augment their service delivery using IPTV over DSL infrastructure.
The iPlex Video Processing Platform has a compact 1RU form factor with up to six encoded or transcoded channels, making it an ideal choice for small or large headend deployments alike. The iPlex supports a comprehensive set of stream processing options, including MPEG-2 SD and MPEG-4 AVC SD and HD encoding and transcoding. The platform’s modular design allows service providers to upgrade functionality and add new services incrementally, avoiding costly headend upgrades. The iPlex is also unique in its support of multiple network interfaces and multiple program outputs, allowing it to be deployed in a mixture of Ethernet, ATM, PON or FTTN environments.
The iPlex Video Processing Platform offers service providers the most advanced video and audio compression technology available today and is part of Ericsson’s portfolio of products including receivers, decoders and descramblers, all seamlessly integrated into a complete headend system with nCompass Control by Ericsson.
Product Overview
Market Leading Performance
Extensive video pre-processing and an array of tools to fine tune the encoding process allow service providers to offer a superior picture quality, even with challenging feeds. A proven history of providing customers with in-field performance improvement upgrades over time keeps Ericsson’s customers ahead of the market.
Flexible, Modular Architecture Allows for Customization and Upgradeability
The iPlex does not confine service providers to specific video architectures. The modular technology of the iPlex allows service providers to obtain a highly customized system now, and adapt it incrementally over time to support the changing needs. The iPlex uses a tray-based system and offers a complete selection of sub-modules that offer service providers MPEG-2 SD encoding, MPEG-4 AVC SD and HD encoding, transcoding and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) service generation simultaneously from the same chassis.
Multi-functional, Dense Video Encoding, Processing, and Routing
iPlex features up to eight MPEG-2 or six MPEG-4 AVC encoders or transcoders, and two built-in Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, all in a compact 1RU chassis. The iPlex is capable of streaming identical programming to multiple network interfaces simultaneously (i.e. GigE, ATM, or ASI) so supports hybrid network environments with ease. The iPlex also supports advanced features for IPTV, such as low resolution encoding, low bit-rate simultaneous PiP service generation, and direct IP Multicasting from the chassis.

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