Next Generation MediaPath SCDS by Ericsson

This platform delivers VOD and non-VOD content via DVB-S2 ; faster satellite delivery while also providing terrestrial delivery via a shared network. With over 750 commercial deployments our solution reaches more than 6 million cable subscribers.
Product Decscription
The MediaPath® Secure Content Delivery System offers content providers, network operators, and their affiliates, a scalable, end-to-end solution for the secure point to multi-point delivery of non-linear digital HD and SD TV programs as well as any other file-based content including VOD programs, advertising, music, mobile and games. The new MediaPath system delivers any file in any format and does so much more efficiently.

Using the MediaPath system, media assets can be delivered to receiver locations serving set-top boxes, PCs, and mobile media players. Next Generation MediaPath systems offers a performance boost over its predecessor, and supports DVB-S2 to provide faster satellite delivery while simultaneously enabling terrestrial delivery. Terrestrial unicast and multicast distribution are supported. Encryption software for security and error correction protects media assets throughout the entire delivery process. Proactive monitoring ensures content is flowing throughout the end-to-end MediaPath system.

– Utilizes proven technology; MediaPath is the most widely used on-demand content distribution solution on the market today

– Provides a scalable, total solution that enables operators and content providers to work and innovate directly

– Proactive monitoring ensures content is flowing throughout the MediaPath system as well as the VOD and Asset Management Systems downstream

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