OpenStream Digital Services Platform by Ericsson

OpenStream DSP is a complete and comprehensive VOD solution that provides for advanced digital services. Our open architecture provides compatibility with best-in-class VOD pumps, client applications, conditional access and billing systems.
Product Description
OpenStream Digital Services Platform (DSP) by Ericsson is the industry’s only complete open on-demand platform that enables service providers to quickly and affordably offer on-demand services such as Video On-demand (VOD). Based on open, published interfaces, OpenStream not only gives service providers everything they need to provide a comprehensive VOD solution, but also provides an infrastructure for advanced digital services beyond VOD.

OpenStream DSP enables service providers to easily deploy on-demand services. The platform’s open architecture provides compatibility with established video servers as well as next generation VOD pumps. OpenStream even enables multi-vendor server complexes to co-exist in the same headend.

As the demand for a more personalized solution increases, subscribers want to access content when they want, where they want. OpenStream DSP can give service providers the control platform for delivering multiscreen VOD. By offering subscribers access to content on the web and TV, service providers can deliver compelling features that enable the end-to-endless TV experience improving customer satisfaction and retention.

The OpenStream platform supports an unlimited number of subscribers with industry-leading session set-up rates by utilizing a component based architecture that provides complete scalability and flexibility. The platform is built for reliability while keeping the service provider’s need for conserving rack space and minimizing power requirements in mind.

Using a distributed architecture, the various components can be scaled to support increased load and capacity requirements as the system grows.
Leverages existing investments
– Open solutions easily integrate with third-party subsystems, simplifying implementation and reducing reliance on proprietary solutions

Enhances choice among vendors
– With no vendor lock-in, open solutions give service providers the critical flexibility to select best-of-breed vendors and technology

Promotes growth and scalability
– This flexibility also enables providers to effectively adapt to market changes, including new product innovations, increased service offerings, subscriber growth and regulatory changes

Increases speed-to-market
– The ability of open solutions to interoperate with multiple vendors enables service providers to quickly deploy new revenue-generating applications

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