Signal Processing

Vietcoms can supply and integrate wide range of signal processing products for different application, from ADC, distribution amplifier, embedding/ de-embedding to multiplexing, up/down conversion, loudness control, and frame synchronization. Contact us for further information.

Up/down converter
Snell Quasar Ph.C gives broadcasters the competitive edge by enabling them to produce the consistent, high standard, HD pictures their
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Frame sync
Building on the proven capabilities of its industry-acclaimed predecessor, the X75™ synchronizer/converter, the Harris X85™ maintains the functionality, flexibility and
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Embedder _ De-embedder
The Nevion Flashlink AV-HD-XMUX is a highly integrated audio embedding module in the Flashlink range offering simultaneous embedding and de-embedding
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A member of the Harris 6800+™ modular core processing family, the DA-DS6804+D/DA-DSR6804+D dual distribution amplifiers (DAs) provide two channels of
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Loudness control
Harris DTS Neural Loudness Control answers the need of TV broadcasters and network operators to manage perceived loudness levels within
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