TV Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery solution, OpenStream® Digital Services Platform (DSP), is the industry’s only complete on-demand back-office solution based on open, published interfaces. It provides everything a service provider needs to offer a complete and comprehensive VOD solution.
Using system components of your choice, OpenStream DSP enables service providers to easily deploy on-demand services. The platform’s open architecture provides compatibility with best-in-class VOD pumps, client applications, conditional access and billing systems. OpenStream DSP also enables multiple VOD server complexes to co-exist in the same headend. This allows operators to utilize VOD servers from multiple vendors to minimize costs and provide maximum flexibility.

OpenStream Digital Services Platform by Ericsson
OpenStream DSP is a complete and comprehensive VOD solution that provides for advanced digital services. Our open architecture provides compatibility
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Ericsson Television Data Warehouse
Ericsson Television Data Warehouse provides an easy solution for making better business decisions. Data analysis across TV, PC and mobile
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Ericsson Media Delivery Management System
A revolutionary unified service delivery platform that provides on-demand video to all screens, the cornerstone of the Ericsson Television solution
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