The VB12-RF covers all the monitoring needs encounterede in hybrid IP and RF networks, be it QAM or VSB. In particular the factory-fitted QAM input front end option offers the service technician a must-have compact and practical tool for fault seeking in any modern cable-TV infrastructure.

The demodulator also supports VSB used in terrestrial transmissions. This all-in-one solutioon includes Gigabit Ethernet, ASI and QAM/VSB RF inputs as well as a separate Gigabit Ethernet management interface for easy connection to either a laptop or the management network. The VB12-RF PORTABLE BROADCAST PROBE is the newest innovative extension to the VideoBRIDGE broadcast series of portable probes. By integrating an RF input interface in addition to the existing ASI and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces of a VB12, the user is presented with a tool that gives unique insight into today’s modern hybrid IP and RF networks.

Common for all input formats is the ETSI TR 101 290 analysis. Priority 1, 2 and 3 analysis is performed, with the addition of a number of useful checks defined by Bridgetech. PSI/SI or PSIP is parsed and the result displayed as a high level information tree, with the possibility of detailed examination (hex dump). The VB12-RF is also capable of extracting thumbnails from any of the input streams. It is possible to make a recording of a service, or it can be forwarded to a remote destination via the Ethernet data or management port for further content analysis. Innovative functionality makes it possible to directly compare signals across different probe interfaces.

RF specific parameters are measured and analysed, and alarms are raised if measurements are not within user-specified limits. Measurements include MER, SNR, BER and signal level. A QAM/VSB constellation diagram is displayed to visualise symbol integrity.

IP transmissions require dedicated measurement of packet jitter and packet loss. The Bridgetech patented MediaWindowTM presents measurements of these parameters over time in a userfriendly way. A large number of other IP parameters of interest is also presented to the user. The basic VB12-RF analyses 10 streams in parallel, upgradeable to 50 streams.

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