The VB330 Probe is the flagship in Bridge Technologies product range. Equipped with up to two 10G Ethernet inputs, it is capable of monitoring thousands of streams in backbone networks and central head-ends. The VB330 utilises the same visual and intuitive approach to monitoring and analytics as other probes.

Measurement analytics are available via easy drill-down functionality and the patented Bridge Technologies MediaWindow™ technology renders monitoring and analysis of the complex much simpler. Three full VB330 Probes can be fitted into the EC 1RU chassis, offering the highest performance to form-factor available.

At an early stage in digital television history Bridgetech developers recognised the need for easy-to-interpret monitoring GUIs, as the complexity in modern media transmission systems is formidable. Performing advanced measurements is not enough, the data must be presented in a way that ensures important error incidents are not hidden by irrelevant details. Development has led to several Bridgetech monitoring patents, based on experience from large monitoring systems worldwide. This technology is essential for surveillance of 10G media ports.
When so much monitoring capacity is packed into one unit, redundancy becomes a serious issue. The chassis used to house the VB330 therefore includes a dual power supply, minimising the risk of losing monitoring due to power supply failure. Furthermore, as goes for all VideoBRIDGE probes, dedicated telco grade hardware is used throughout, to ensure the longevity and stability needed for professional operation.
The VB330 can be controlled directly via HTTP using a standard WEB browser, or it can be part of a VideoBridge Controller system which includes other devices. This makes the 10G VB330 the logical extension of the Bridgetech product suite.

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