WatchPoint Workflow System by Ericsson

A scalable workflow management system that automates the creation, management, and distribution of media assets to end-user platforms. The WFS enables providers to maximize the value of their content and networks through on-demand offerings.
Product Description
Taking advantage of the revenue opportunities available via multi-platform content delivery requires and efficient and effective means of surmounting the challenges associated with managing and supporting a multiscreen, multi-format content delivery strategy. Content must be repeatedly handled, processed, and deployed. New sub-systems associated with emerging or embedded platforms come into play. Production processes must be able to scale and integrate with back-office operations.
WatchPoint Workflow System (WFS) by Ericsson provides a scalable, automated solution for content providers and network operators to efficiently manage digital media creation, management and distribution to multiple end-user platforms. Whether a standalone deployment or a module in an entire WatchPoint Content Management System (CMS), WatchPoint WFS leverages Ericsson’s years of experience producing market-leading technology and expertise in digital media operations and can become an element of an entire end-to-end production system.
With the ability to support different types of content, including on-demand media and interactive content and applications, WatchPoint WFS enables content providers and network operators to provide a compelling offering for today’s media consumers. WatchPoint WFS also dramatically impacts multimedia operations by decreasing costs and providing greater visibility into end-to-end processes.
Decreases costs by streamlining operations; increases productivity with full automation of complex and resource-intensive processes

Improves decision making via central collection of operational data
Increases monetization opportunities through automated content distribution across multiple platforms
Leverages existing investments through WatchPoint WFSs open, extensible architecture

Ensures quality end-user experience by dramatically reducing risk of errors

Provides system-wide visibility through centralized reporting and proactive monitoring capabilities

Enables pre-planning of receipt or distribution of content

Establishes a scalable infrastructure on which to expand digital media offerings

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