Xport Producer by Ericsson

Comprehensive storage encoding solution that easily encodes, packages, and delivers content within your existing on-demand and linear broadcast system providing unlimited revenue opportunities with advertising, real estate and local sports.
Product description
The Xport® Producer by Ericsson is a comprehensive storage encoding solution that gives service providers a competitive edge with the ability to easily encode, package and deliver content and advertising within their existing ondemand and linear broadcast systems. Content providers and system operators use Xport to build value in subscriber markets. Assets can be utilized for VOD, nVOD, Barker and ad insertion systems. Xport Producer by Ericsson, complete with its modular packaging and distribution features, is all you need to enhance and automate your encoding and metadata preparation process.
– Unlimited revenue opportunities with advertising, real estate, local sports and more

– A platform for growth with metadata management, editing and combining, QC and validation, SD and HD encoding

– Technology built on industry specifications which drives down costs of content production and distribution

– Proven reliability and Xport’s reputation as the “gold standard”

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