Xport Time-Shifted TV by Ericsson

Consumers want to watch programs on their schedule. The Time-shifted TV solution manages multiple sites simultaneously with a single interface and being built on open interfaces, it enables operators to utilize video servers from multiple vendors.
Product Description
As consumers increasingly demand personalized television experiences with access to content whenever they want, time-shifted television services give consumers the flexibility to watch their favorite programs on their own schedule. Networked Personal Video Recording (nPVR) allows subscribers to view a recorded broadcast television program at a time later than the “on-air” start time of the broadcast, with recordings being stored on a network drive rather than the consumers’ set-top boxes. By offering time-shifted services to their subscribers, operators can deliver the compelling features that enable a personalized television experience, improving subscriber satisfaction and retention.
With Xport® recording solutions already deployed across the globe, we have created the next generation Time-Shifted TV solution designed to ensure scalability while minimizing the need for major resource investments. Unlike other vendor offerings, the Time-Shifted TV solution manages multiple sites simultaneously with a single interface, eliminating the need for personnel at each remote location, as well as narrowing the opportunity for error by having one source handle all programming. Furthermore, the Time-Shifted TV solution is built on open interfaces, enabling operators to utilize video servers from multiple vendors to reduce costs and provide maximum flexibility.
Ericsson’s Time-Shifted TV solution provides end-to-end capabilities of rights management, recording management, and viewing management. Central to the Time-Shifted TV solution is the ability of a single location to manage all recording and rebroadcast rights for the operator. The solution is also comprised of comprehensive features for recording capture, recording schedules, viewer management and monitoring.
– Increase retention and reduce churn by adding features which give customers more flexibility while watching their favorite television programs

– Provide DVR-like experiences to EVERY digital customer without the need for an expensive hard drive in every set-top

– Increase viewing time of programming and improve usage of VOD through the introduction of nPVR as an entry-level interactive feature

– Control costs by centralizing critical business functions without expensive and expansive replication of equipment and resources

– Augment revenue streams by providing new advertising and ad insertion capabilities

– Leverages existing investments with open interfaces that allow export to any ADI-compliant system and are VOD solution independent

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